Audax SC IN-HOUSE is the starting point for players who want to experience soccer and are looking to enter the competitive environment. Because our IN-HOUSE program is pre-competitive,  all sessions will be conducted by Audax licensed and experienced coaches who wants to teach the players the technical and tactical skills from the very beginning. Audax IN-HOUSE is a learning program where players will be prepared to be placed into competitive teams when they reach the appropriate level. During this next season in 2018, Audax will be forming teams and placing players, so they are ready to start our competitive program in 2019. 


     Audax SC will focus on players technical development and on creating a love for the game. Our coaches will evaluate players constantly to assure they are grouped based on their skill level and maturity. Players will also learn and experience aspects of the game, such as technical and tactical. They will also learn team play, the importance sportsmanship and how to play in an instructional environment. In general, each session will be composed of technical or coordination exercises, tactical exercises and finish with small-sided games. 


    The IN-HOUSE program is intended for players with an interest in soccer, that can commit with 2 practices a week. Our main goal is develop our players psychosocially, teach teamwork and most of all, develop the passion for soccer.




  • Open to boys and girls born 2015-2012

  • All skill levels are accepted

  • March through May

  • 2 practices a week

  • Monthly playdates with other Bay Area clubs

  • 60 minutes practice

  • Professional coaches

  • Audax practice T-shirt

  • Location: Galvan Park

  • Mondays and Thursdays 4-5pm


 COST -  $199

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