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       The main focus of our competitive program is to develop our players physically, socially and emotionally. Our goal is not to win games, but to create and live on a positive environment, where players learn to compete regardless of winning or losing. We encourage players to make decisions during practices and games, leading them to build their character, leadership and teamwork. Teaching and learning the game of soccer are processes set daily, and we encourage our players to make their own decisions without the fear of making mistakes. In order to develop our players, we think it's also important to create a fun environment where players feel comfortable and confident. We strongly believe that a player's commitment with the team and playmates is a very important factor on their  development. We are a year-round soccer program and we require attendance at every team event unless excused in advance by the coach, meaning two practices a week and game(s) on weekends. We also encourage the players to work hard individually at home to improve their level of play.

       Audax is a member of NorCal Premier League and our teams will play year-round with NorCal Region 2 South Bay/Peninsula.



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