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Playing Time:


   The coach will be using his discretion in regards to the player playing time percentages to allow the player and team the best opportunity to perform based on his understanding of the team dynamics. If a player falls short of the percentage time guidelines in one game then it is up to the coach to make up the time for that player in another game.


Playing Time Discussion Protocol:


  Players and parents have the right to ask the coach about concerns regarding playing time. However it is not appropriate for a player or parent to approach coaches before, during, or immediately after a game regarding playing time concerns. An appropriate setting to discuss a player’s playing time is for the parent to make an appointment with the coach to discuss their concerns via a phone call or a face-to-face meeting at a later date. Such meetings are not an appropriate setting for a parent to give input on: team lineups; substitution rotations for players; discussion of which players should play what positions (conversations must remain centered on your player only); number of practices per week; when and where the team conducts practice.


Parents Code of Conduct:


  1. Remember children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, not yours. Do not force an unwilling child to participate.

  2. Teach your player that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than a victory. Help your player work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship – even in defeat your child will be a winner.

  3. Be a positive role model whenever you are around players. Set a good example – do not yell at, ridicule, or criticize your child or any other player. Instead applaud good plays by your team and by those of the opposing team.

  4. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sporting activities.

  5. Show respect to all coaches, referees, and tournament officials. We will support a zero tolerance policy as to questioning and harassment of referees. Leave conflict resolution to the field marshals or tournament officials.  


   See attached link for fee schedule and a description of what is included and what is extra: Audax Soccer Club Fees Structure.

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